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About Thought Patterns

Thought Patterns is a space for you to share your views on important issues facing Canada, beginning with immigration. We encourage you to participate and be heard.


Thought Patterns was born out of a desire to understand public sentiment toward immigration and to learn more about why people feel the way they do. We began by surveying 2,000 Canadians from across the country. For now, when we share your profile with you and map you to others, your answers are being compared to this group of respondents. As participation in Thought Patterns grows, your responses will be compared to an increasingly large number of online participants. Your individual responses are not tracked and never shared other than on an aggregate level.

Brought to you by the Century Initiative

The Century Initiative (CI) is the facilitator of a nation-shaping dialogue around issues facing Canada. It is a non-partisan, charitable foundation dedicated to Canada's long-term prosperity. CI supports proactive and responsible population growth. CI engages the Canadian public, experts, and the government on issues including immigration, urban development, employment and entrepreneurship, education, and early childhood supports. The Century Initiative conducts research and polling, publishes educational material, creates opportunities for dialogue, and engages in policy and solutions design.

CI hopes Thought Patterns will become a learning tool and an avenue for discussion about the future of Canada.

We believe that Canada needs to grow its population for Canada to realize its full potential. You do not have to agree with us, and that is okay. This tool is designed to be an open conversation about our individual and collective points of view.

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